Pardot Renamed: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Wait what? Salesforce announced today the new name for Pardot. It’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Apparently, all the marketing apps will now fall under Marketing Cloud in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Looking over the new announcement and watching some videos, they’re using the new name but you can still read Pardot in the Application. So no new branding has happened overnight to the actual platform.

Pardot goes back many years to when it was known as Exact Target before Salesforce acquired them in 2012. The Pardot name has been mispronounced ever since. You can even be in a room with Salesforce execs and hear the pronunciation as Pardoh. But it’s actually pronounced Pardot. DOT, not DOH. Maybe that’s part of the reason to change and rebrand.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is the main Salesforce B2B Marketing Automation platform. Typically, Marketing Cloud was considered B2C while Pardot was used in many B2B orgs. But the lines have gotten blurred with some companies even using both.

This is probably the start of even more exciting news from Salesforce with this new name and rebrand. It’s always fun to see new things in Marketing!

*** UPDATE ***
The TrailblazerDX 2022 session agenda builder has been released to show even more proof of the name change.

Build Marketing Integrations with Account Engagement V5 API

Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) has a new API built from the ground up with ease of integration in mind. Build marketing assets, manage metadata, and create custom activities easier than ever.

This is hot off the Salesforce press for the Trailblazer DX show. See how they call out Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).

Look out for the new Pardot hashtag #MCAE

Anyway – hope that helps.

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